Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

This is just a SAMPLE of the joy this wonderful Wednesday has produced. Pictured: both of our CREW groups either singing, ringing, praying and or playing, pictures of church family and friends who joined us for our Wednesday “St. Pattys Day” feast and celebration through song and music with our CREW.

My favorite picture shows my group, “the big kids” kneeling at the altar during our “Tour of Gods House” scavenger hunt alongside our regular Wednesday call to prayer reciting the, Lord’s Prayer. The big kids have been studying the biblical Greek (Lord’s Prayer) while the “Minnows” small kids have been learning the “Stories of Jesus”.

Our next big celebration is scheduled for Palm Sunday as we feature both groups during our Sunday morning worship, followed a meal afterword. For me, Palm Sunday festivities continue with a 4pm District Meeting hosted at the church.

We are having a big time ya’ll. And, the way I see it…If coming to church is not fun…well I’m not doing it right. Stay tuned for more photo overloads. ~~Taylor Coates

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