Church Family,
We will resume IN-PERSON worship this Sunday!  Safe practices & Covid-19 Pandemic church guidelines will be in place.  Our church office manager (Wanda Weaver) will send an email later today with a list of the safety guidelines.  Our worship experience will be a “little” (LOT) different this Sunday.  This is the ONLY way I can minimize harm and ensure a safe and covid-19 free environment.  Remember, this is temporary…
The Daycare and Children’s Center is currently closed due to the severity of the Covid-19 within the community.  Please continue to lift Debbie Polston our Daycare Director in your prayers, along with her teachers and staff.  We realize this is an inconvenience to many parents and guardians.  Unfortunately, there have been Covid-19 exposures and ongoing Covid-19 illnesses among staff and families.  The Daycare is TENTATIVELY scheduled to reopen Monday, January 25, 2021.  Please note the reopen date is subject to change.
There is GOOD NEWS!  The tentative plan (provided everyone stays HEALTHY) is to have worship back to normal by mid February. I also hope to resume Wednesday night suppers by Ash Wednesday!   Keep smiling, praying, and checking on each other.  As always, I am as close as a call if any of you need me.  
Peace, Prayers and JOY,

Taylor Coates (843-309-7307)

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