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Ms. Sara Joye Breeden passed away Saturday, June 6, 2020 at Morrison Manor in Laurinburg, NC after an illness. She was 86 years old.

Joye was born April 19, 1934 in Bennettsville, SC. She was the oldest daughter of the late Kistler and Sara Townsend Breeden. She was a member of Bennettsville First United Methodist Church, where she previously served on the Alter Guild. She graduated from Bennettsville High School in 1952 and attended Columbia College and the University of South Carolina, where she majored in home economics.

In her youth, she lived for a time in Charleston before returning to Bennettsville for the remainder of her life. She retired from the South Carolina Employment Security Commission in 1993. After retirement, she found her true calling as a sales associate at Rogers Brothers Fabric in Florence, where she could indulge her love of fabric and home decorating. There she was known equally for her interior design advice, her beautiful handmade throw pillows, and her lively personality.

Joye was a talented seamstress and crafter. Many will remember the annual holiday craft shows she hosted at her home in the 1980s. She loved the beach, reading, working crossword puzzles, and cooking. Though she always liked trying new recipes, she was best known for her classic cheese straws, which she baked in great quantities for family and friends at Christmas using an old family recipe.

Most of all, she loved her family. To her niece and nephew, “Joye-Joye” was more than just an aunt. She was a surrogate grandmother, a second mother, and the most fun, supportive aunt imaginable.

She is survived by her sister, Cinda McQueen (Jimmy), her nephew, Jim McQueen (Jen), her niece, Lynn McQueen, and two great-nephews. She also leaves behind many cousins and friends whom, unfortunately, she lost touch within recent years because of her health.

She will always be remembered for the way she was sassy and opinionated, lively and fun, fiercely loyal and completely devoted to those she loved.

A graveside service will be held 11am, Tuesday, June 8, 2020 at McCall Cemetery in Bennettsville.

***Due to COVID-19 and the regulation set forth by the government and CDC we ask that all attendees to please practice the social distancing guidelines. ***


Who is Your Shepherd?

A Sunday Devotional


Rev. Dr. Mark Raeburn Johnston

Today’s news headlines reflect the anxieties of a society that desperately
needs God. Consider the following;

The Covid-19 plague. A turbulent stock-market. Political chaos.
International tensions and rumors of war. Supply shortages. Riots and
lawlessness. Domestic violence. The upswing in criminal activity. Depression.
Suicide. Hopelessness. Joyless existence.

Need I go on?

If the messaging of the media is all you hear then your soul will be
greatly troubled.

So where can we go for peace? Where is our tranquility to be found? How
do we navigate the charged atmosphere of a fallen, broken world?

I recently heard about a little girl who was interrupting her father’s
attempt to read the newspaper. After numerous questions and brief answers,
the father finally took a page from the back of the paper and with scissors, cut
it into uneven sections, making something of a jig-saw puzzle, and gave them
to his daughter with instructions to reassemble the individual pieces. He
thought that this would occupy his daughter’s attention while he finished his
paper. However, within just a few brief minutes, she called out to her surprised
daddy to come and see her finished accomplishment. When he went over to
where she had correctly assembled the paper clippings, he asked how she had
finished so quickly. “Oh, that was easy daddy. I just put the lady’s face
together again.” What that father hadn’t realized was that on the other side of
that back page was a full-page advertisement with the face of a lady. This is
what the little girl had seen as her father was reading. She then said, “It’s easy
when you know what the face looks like.”

Instead of reassembling the newsprint the little girl had reassembled a
picture. May I suggest that we need to do the same thing in this difficult and
trying time. We need to reassemble the great picture of God’s love and grace
amidst the jumble and chaos of the news print. In other words, we, as
Christians, need to keep the ‘big picture’ in mind as we attempt to make sense
of the events that surround us.

But where can we get a glimpse of the ‘big picture’?

Let me suggest that the teachings of the Bible provide us with the picture we
all need to see, the picture of God’s love as expressed in our Savior and Lord
Jesus Christ.

Consider the teachings of the 23rd Palm when we read that;
‘The Lord is my Shepherd…I shall not want… He maketh me to lie down in
green pastures… He leadeth me beside the still waters…’

In the opening verses of the 23rd Psalm we note that there is a place of
rest and peace that God’s people can attain to. The lush, green pastures speak
of the comforts of true rest apart from the barren and thorn-infested grounds of
the world. The still waters tell us of the peace-filled serenity that fills any
thirsty soul who drinks from such ponds. All of this is contingent upon one
very important point of recognition. We might frame this point with the
question, ‘Who’ or ‘What’ guides you through life? In other words, “Who is your

If our answer is anyone other than ‘the Lord’ then we will certainly be
worried and anxious as this world offers only temporary respite and limited
promise. However, if we can confess with the Psalmist that ‘the Lord is my
Shepherd’ we will enjoy true peace, a ‘peace that passes understanding.’

So, who is your Shepherd?

Jesus claimed to be the ‘Good Shepherd’ (John chapter 10, verse 11) and
with this claim he also promised peace to those who follow him;
“Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give
to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid” (John chapter
14, verse 27).

This ‘peace’ comes with the presence of God’s Holy Spirit. When we call
upon the Lord to be our Shepherd, we are making a choice between the
promises of this fallen world and the eternal promises of God’s Kingdom. Paul
writes, “For the Kingdom of God is not meat or drink, but righteousness, peace
and joy in the Holy Spirit” (Romans, chapter 14, verse 17).

Because the Lord is our Shepherd, we are members of God’s eternal
Kingdom, and with the Kingdom comes the peace and joy that earmarks us as
the ‘sheep of his pasture’ (Psalm 79:13, 95:7, 100:3). This distinction is most
evident in the peace and joy that God’s people display, even when the news of
this world is bad. Because of this fact, we should consider sharing ‘the Good
News’ of the Gospel with others.

In so doing, we put the pieces of the puzzle together so that others might
see the ‘big picture’ of God’s love and grace! Let’s ask someone today, “Who is
your Shepherd?” and then, let’s tell them about the goodness of the Lord!


Bennettsville Boy Scout Troop 625 Eagle Scout Candidate Light McNiel (pictured on right) with the assistance of fellow Scout Ford Munnerlyn reinstalled the Bennettsville Methodist Church South Carolina Historical Marker on Tuesday. McNiel’s Eagle Scout project has been to sandblast, repaint and reinstall more than 15 worn, peeling markers throughout Marlboro County.

McNiel is the son of Dan and Elisabeth McNiel and grandson of Bill and Peggy Kinney.

He is a 2020 graduate of Trinity-Byrnes Collegiate School in Darlington and plans to attend Wofford College in Spartanburg in the fall.

The Heart in Transformation: The Life of David

Rev. Dr. Mark Raeburn Johnston


Any Heart

He was a man who could dance and sing before the Lord, or drool to feign insanity
before his enemies!  He was familiar with the rugged terrain of the Judean wilderness and the comforts of the King’s chamber.  He fought wild beasts, giants and the enemy of Israel, and was a victor over all of them!

David also lost the most difficult of battles, the battle of the heart-and he fell into the sin of adultery.

Character is often defined by the way we respond to personal failure!

Even though God had forgiven him, David struggled to forgive himself!  His later years
were filled with the desire to make things right with God!  Serving God with all of his heart, soul, mind and strength became the driving quest of this son of Jesse!

Recognizing that he enjoyed the splendor of his palace in Jerusalem while the Lord was
consigned to a tent in Shiloh, David purposed to build a Temple for the Living God.

“Why should I live in a palace while the Lord dwells in a tent?” was his question, and he
set about to build what would have been the most awesome building of the age.

But David had often bloodied his hands while striking the enemies of Israel.  Through
prayer and prophecy, the Lord told David that he couldn’t build the Temple, but that Solomon, his son, would construct it!

Recognizing and obeying the word of God, David did the next best thing.  He prepared
for the building of God’s Temple by gathering the incredible resources needed for the sanctuary of God.  We read that when Solomon constructed the Temple, there had never been a more magnificent edifice designed in the history of Israel!

The legacy David left the world is finally more than the heroic story of his life.  It’s also the beauty of a heart in love with God, the character of one who refuses to give up hope in the mercy and grace of the One who calls us from obscurity into the marvelous light of His Presence!

Let’s take a moment to reflect on our legacies, not our limitations.  The Lord will bless
and use any heart that seeks to worship Him!