FUMC Family,
The FUMC staff  met on three occasions to plan our reopening, which we had hoped would occur this coming Sunday.
After some discussion we have decided NOT to conduct an in-sanctuary 11 am service on June 14th.
The dramatic rise in Covid-19 cases in Marlboro county has continued along with the rest of the state. Today, some  540 new cases and 11 deaths occurred throughout South Carolina. Marlboro county is expected to peak in Coronavirus cases over the next two weeks.
While we have a good plan in place for our reopening, it is contingent on a flattening of reported cases in our community. Because this has not happened, we will reassess the possibility of an 11 am service  on June 21st early next week. We will communicate that assessment to you via our media outlets.
Needless to say, we are all disappointed that we cannot regather for our time of worship. However, by remaining cautious and using available guidelines we will eventually return to our sanctuary.
 Please remain in prayer for one another and remember that the Lord is still in control of every circumstance.


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