The Heart in Transformation: The Life of David

Rev. Dr. Mark Raeburn Johnston


Where Most of Us Bend

Our character is often shaped through the gentle hammering of the Holy Spirit upon the anvil of God’s faithful Word!

This process requires that we stay out of God’s way while He completes the good work He’s begun! And this is where most of us bend in our walk of faith!

It’s where Abraham and Sarah turned when they decided to “help God out” with the promise of a child. Ishmael still interferes with the promise of Isaac!

It’s what happened to Jacob when he hurried God’s plan for the divine blessing, and his family life became irreparably twisted!

It happened to Moses, who tried to fulfill his destiny in his own strength. Killing an Egyptian soldier, Moses became a broken fugitive in the Sinai wilderness.

Such “pig iron” faith always breaks under the tough circumstances of life.  While the Lord doesn’t require our help, He often invites our participation. Knowing the difference is the essence of true faith!

David displayed true faith when running from the vengeance of King Saul who sought to murder the young shepherd boy! Once David was chosen to become the new King of Israel, Saul attempted to assassinate him!

On more than one occasion, David could have retaliated and killed Saul, but refused the opportunity saying that he wouldn’t harm God’s anointed! He wouldn’t put forth his own hand to fulfill the promise of God in his life. Rather, David trusted in the providence of the Lord, a promise eventually fulfilled in spectacular fashion!

Jesus displayed such faith when he refused the devil’s temptations. Everything the world would offer in place of God’s promises were answered with the immutable Word of God! Jesus responded to the Tempter’s words with, “It is written…” referring to the absolute authority of God’s holy Word! That authority is inspired by the Holy Spirit of God and is still powerful today!

Saint Teresa of Avila said, “Do not suppose that God has any need of our works; what he needs is the resoluteness of our will!” In other words, the Lord desires our obedience above our genius.

While we are often commanded to do certain things as an evidence of our faith, it’s God’s work that forges true destiny. Your destiny is not dependent upon your strength, but dependent upon His Spirit!

As Abraham, Sarah, Jacob and Moses discovered, God holds the hammer and invites us to become the spiritual nails that will build His Kingdom! Let’s pause, pray and remember that when we are in His Word we are in His hands, and when we are in His Hands, we will not bend!

Let God shape your life!

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