The Heart in Transformation: The Life of David

Rev. Dr. Mark Raeburn Johnston


Before the Throne of Grace

In the Greek Orthodox Bible you can find an additional Psalm of David!

Called the Hallelujah of David, Psalm 151 describes the victory of David over the giant of Gath. It begins, “I was the smallest of my brothers” and continues with “my brothers were handsome and majestic…but the Lord did not choose them.”

When one considers David’s many Psalms, there’s always the recognition that his extraordinary life wasn’t due to his own labors. Rather, his trust was in the Lord who “removed him from the sheep of his father” and anointed him with the “ointment of his anointing” as the Psalm declares.

Before occupying the Throne of Israel, David learned to kneel before the Throne of Grace!

God’s work through our lives isn’t simply a matter of our abilities. It’s about the character of an obedient heart that says, “Thy will be done!”  History is replete with people who have extended God’s Kingdom because they kneeled before the Throne of Grace and enquired of the Lord.

We can think of the unnamed man who lent his little donkey to the Lord Jesus on what we now call Palm Sunday. He may never have seen Jesus, but believing the word of the Lord through the disciples, he entrusted his donkey to the business of God and his name is now a matter of honor before the Lord!

Jesus fulfilled prophecy as Israel’s long awaited King when he rode that donkey into Jerusalem amidst the shouts of hosanna by the excited population!

God seeks to do an extraordinary work through those who seek His will!

Retired Army Chaplain and founder for the Chaplaincy of Full Gospel Churches, Colonel Jim Ammerman, recalls that his life took on a supernatural dimension when he knelt before the Throne of Grace and prayed, “Lord, You can have all there is of Jim Ammerman!”

That was an echo of the prayer that William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army prayed. It was also the prayer of John Wesley, who was simply following the example of Saint Paul and Saint Peter!

Supernatural events will occur in the life of any ordinary person who submits to God’s Holy Spirit, and by such submission, such people will continue to impact the world with the message of God’s love in Jesus Christ!

Should we dare to pray the same way, our lives will also include a new chapter of praise for God’s amazing grace! Let’s dedicate ourselves to the work of God by first kneeling at the Throne of Grace! When we do, everything will change!

Give what you have to God!

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