The Heart in Transformation: The Life of David

Rev. Dr. Mark Raeburn Johnston


From the Pastures of Bethlehem to the Palace in Jerusalem

There may not be a more profound tragedy in all of life than the failure to realize our full potential, especially when it comes to our service to God! In the record of the Old Testament, only Esau approximates the heartbreak and tragedy that earmarks Israel’s first King, Saul the Benjamite!

The Lord informed the prophet Samuel that King Saul would be removed from the throne of Israel due to his disobedience to God’s word.

But God would not leave Israel without a shepherd. Even though Saul would be deposed, a new King would be anointed.

Sent by the Holy Spirit, Samuel went to interview the sons of Jesse. After examining seven of the eight sons, he turned to Jesse and asked, “Are these all the sons you have?” Samuel had not yet met with the youngest boy who was still tending his father’s flocks in a nearby field.

Once Samuel realized that Jesse had another son, he immediately commanded that David be brought to him, and upon seeing the handsome youth, he heard the Spirit of the Lord say, “This is the one I’ve chosen to rule over my people Israel!”

The Lord will use others to confirm and certify a witness of His divine plan in our lives.

The unassuming shepherd boy of Bethlehem was anointed by Samuel and told of the destiny that would embrace him. David believed the great prophet, and this allowed him to see beyond just being a shepherd. He could visualize himself as a King because he believed in the One Who decides destiny!

Whenever God’s Word is believed and acted upon in this fallen world, the power structures of evil are shaken and displaced! Shortly after David’s anointing, he moved from the pastures of Bethlehem to the palace in Jerusalem to minister to King Saul. The songs he composed to comfort his sheep were sung to quiet the troubled spirit of the fallen King.

As we consider the promise of God for each of our lives, let’s remain patient and obedient to His word. God will make good on all He has promised!

Our full potential to serve God is realized when we obey His Word!




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