The Heart in Transformation:  The Life of David


With Our Courage Will Come Our Song

David spent many years watching over his father’s flocks in the mountainous terrains
surrounding Bethlehem. It was in that rough, but beautiful schoolhouse of nature that he learned responsibility. And it was there that he was tested in the anxious moments of life and death, protecting his sheep from the claw of the bear and the fang of the lion!

Responsibility, when rightly accepted, demands and builds courage!

That courage is often required when there’s no one around to notice. We can imagine
David performing many unreported acts of courage to protect his flock. Sometimes obscurity becomes the proving grounds for an effective witness that will, one day, manifest to the world!

But while we may be invisible to the world, our God, the Chief Shepherd, sees us!
Because God watches over us, we can trust in His guidance and protection!

This realization must have filled the heart of David with worship regarding the God of
Israel, his Protector! How many hours did David sing of God’s love and deliverance to the sheep grazing under his vigilant watch? There’s little doubt that his voice soothed their fears!

Jesus said that sheep know and trust in their shepherd’s voice. They won’t follow a

There’s a difference between the shepherd who loves his flock, and the hireling who
simply works for monetary gain. The shepherd will know and defend his flock, sometimes with his own life. The hireling remains distant and will abandon his charge with exact calculation.

When Israel’s first King, Saul, departed from the Way of God, he couldn’t lead God’s
people with the spiritual courage and integrity demanded by his office.

The Lord searched Israel and found the shepherd boy who wrestled with wild beasts
while defending his lambs, to become the new king of Israel!

Like David, we’re also called to display a courage that answers the roar of that prowling
lion who seeks to devour souls! And with our courage will come our song of praise for the Great Shepherd, Who delivers all who trust in Him!

Be courageous with your responsibilities!

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