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Bea Matthews, Jane Anne Feldner, Gray Bostick, Beverly Hodges, Lib Thompson, David Hopkins, Tom Kirkley, Ruth Blue, David Fowler, O’Neal Hamilton, Kim Schultz, Ann Moody, Betty Newton, Emily Kelly, Mack Hartis, Virginia Williamson, Earl Bullard, Joy Graham, Wanda Stanton, Dottie Pharr

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Don’t Bury Your Talent!

As we prepare for the Charge Conference to be conducted Sunday, September 15th at 5 pm in the Sanctuary, we are busy nominating people to fill important positions in our church.  Our Nominations Committee meets each Wednesday at 6 pm (to August 21st) in the Conference room and we are looking for YOU!  Would you consider taking a role in the future of this great church by participating on a Committee through 2020?  The following vacancies exist and need to be filled:

Epworth Children’s Representative

Members and Chair for the FUMC Children’s Center

Finance Committee Chair

Chair and Vice Chair for the Administrative Council

Class 2022 Members for the Nomination and Leadership Committee

Class 2022 Members for the S/PPRC

Many important positions need to be filled for the continuing well-being of our Church.  Please consider lending your talents and your time to the legacy and the future of FUMC!  Contact our office (843-479-3231) to volunteer or speak with Dr. Johnston.

Let’s make 2020 a great year for our Church and our Community!!