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It’s Time to Order Easter Lilies!

If  you would like to have an Easter Lily placed in the Sanctuary on Easter Sunday,  April 21st, or  make  a  financial contribution in memory or in honor of a loved one,  please contact the office for an order form.  Forms must be returned to the church office no later than April 12th.   Please indicate the number of lilies you are ordering, each lily is $16.00, which will be purchased from the Ivy Shop.





We have enjoyed a wonderful year of discipleship and fellowship with The Crew!  We are so grateful to have such a wonderful group of children involved with our program.  Our final meeting for this school year will be on Wednesday, April 10th.  This will be an Easter Egg Hunt and Easter party…..bring your Easter basket!!!

No program is successful without a LOT of dedicated works, and we appreciate all who have volunteered their time and energy to work with our children.

Snacks/Gathering        Christy King, Jennie Meggs, Janis Usher

Older Crew                   Fran Lewis, Jennie Weatherly, Teresa Carroll

Younger Crew             Virginia Fowler, Christy King, Betty Ann Souther, Lynda Edwards

Music                             Janis Usher (Tone Chimes), Margaret Vance (Choir)

Homework                   Ashleigh Kinard, Jennie Meggs

Bus Driver                   Hubert Meggs, Hub Meggs, Leith Fowler

We will have special activities planned throughout the summer—-be sure to keep an eye out for the newsletter!!