Sunday, August 26, 2018—Epworth Children’s Home goes above and beyond providing food and shelter for children who have experienced abuse neglect and tragedy.  It provides children with tutoring, counseling, health care, fun activities, and the spiritual formation they need to heal and gain a sense of belonging.  Through the ministry of Epworth Children’s Home we open our doors to these children, surround them with comprehensive care and provide them with the opportunity to transform their lives.  On Sunday, September 9th our congregation will stand with Epworth to break the cycle of abuse, neglect and shame through our collection of the Annual Epworth Work Day Offering.  Without the support of churches like ours, Epworth could not provide transformation care for children in need.  We invite you to give generously to the children who call Epworth home.

For more information, please visit Epworth on the web at    logo-web-sm-300x300

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